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   Saturday:  Woke up in time for the breakfast included with the room charge, served from 8-9am only, not a good time for filkers!

Morning panels in the Long Room:

     10 am:  Titled, "Armchair Futurology," but primarily about British urban planning, particularly involving transportation issues (and a lively discussion about the likely extent of telecommuting).  Generally much more optimistic than "future of our city" discussions I remember from decades ago, where the most likely outcome seemed to be "bomb crater, overgrown by vegetation."  It seemed to help that we had one or two panelists here who have had experience in urban planning issues.

     11 am:  Folklore/New Myths for Old:  hard to characterize briefly, but  a common theme seemed to be the ability of authors and others to adapt older folklore to current times, remaking it in the process, giving gods and mythic figures quirks to make them more human and accessible, transforming their status in religion (e.g. goddesses becoming saints), and current writers looking to lesser-used mythic sources to revitalize fantasy (same archetypes, different settings?).

     Filk:  Missed Rhodri James' voice workshop, as I was saving my voice for my concert set.  It might have helped, but it might also have distracted me (trying to use an unpracticed technique during a performance isn't something I do well).  In any case, I did go to the Classic Filk event, which was part concert, part sing-along circle.  A number of the older British filksongs were sung, and a pair of Leslie Fish classics:  Banned from Argo and Hope Eyrie, and we closed with a British classic, Sam's Song.
     My concert set was next.  I did mostly  parodies (Sandworm Riding, Dead Mars Rover, A Mother's Lament, I Will Make You Live Now, T. Rex-eteen, and Argo Every Day), which audiences generally like, plus a couple of my more serious songs (Beware Her Children, and The Companion's Song).  I was relieved that my voice held up, and felt free after that point to blast it out during the rest of the con if I wished.
     I was followed by Soir, a British filk musician with a very good voice and excellent piano playing.  Soir was followed by Nat, another young British filker performing several interesting, sometimes quirky parodies (including "Where the Fandom Sings" tto Gwen Knighton's "Like Their Feet Have Wings," and a fun song about earworms).   Nat was followed by Valerie Housden, a pillar of British filkdom, performing well on voice and guitar -- as usual (can't remember and forgot to write down the songlist, but MASSFILCers take note: it included Jonathan Turner's Second Hand Songs, which was also reprised at the Dead Dog). 
     Instabands next: 
     Band 1:  Lisa Padol on kazoo, Keris on guitar, Azakir (?) voice, and Soir doing a great job on piano.
     Band 2:  Good a capella performance by Hitch, Nat, Christo and Kathy Songbird
     Band 3:  Josh Kronengold on recorder, Valerie Housden on guitar, and three of the kids at the convention (lost names, sorry!) playing piano, guitar and tambourine.

     Dinner hour was followed by the Constitution LARP Cabaret:  the LARP didn't run, but the concom gave the green light to the cabaret anyway.  Playing Rapunzel wowed the crowd with a great performance; Christo impressed with the theremin.  There were a number of poems read.  Cabaret organizer Judith Proctor did a dance performance with a rhythmic swinging of what looked like weighted stockings, all to the tune of Tom Lehrer's "We'll All Go Together When We Go."  (Harder than it looks, don't try it at home with your mom's or wife's stockings!)  
     Open filk followed, well into the night, beginning with the themes of space and science, shifting to general filk sometime after midnight.  (I lasted until a bit after 1 am this time.)

Next:  Sunday


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Aug. 6th, 2009 04:34 pm (UTC)
"Second-Hand Songs" is popular among British filkers, and deservedly so. I've heard at least two parodies: "Second-Rate Songs" and "I steal second-hand songs."
Aug. 8th, 2009 10:11 pm (UTC)
Yes! I could tell by the number of people singing along (and I think at least one of the parodies was sung at the open filking).
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