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     Oops!!  I forgot to mention the Saturday concert sets between the instafilks and the cabaret!  Philip Allcock, another pillar of British filkdom, in good voice and guitar, performing well written songs (his and others); and our filk GOH, Sib Machat, a talented and quirky German singer, guitarist and songwriter who performed her much-requested "Evil Eyeball" song, her quickie Lord of the Rings skit, a no-spoiler Harry Potter song consisting mostly of the word "beep" wherever a spoiler might occur,  her "Dismissal Song" about profession-specific terms for being removed from employment, a song about German translations of Star Trek episode titles, and others. 

As for Sunday,

 After breakfast, a 10am panel in the Long Room about all the people in sf literature with menial jobs, generally neglected and not covered well.  Big exception:  Terry Pratchett, who has a sufficiently broad cast of characters to reach into the lower strata.  Another:  military sf, showing the grunt-level soldiers.  Other instances, where a higher-status character interacts sufficiently with workers below to give an idea of, say, a stable hand's character, or one or more mid-level characters form a bridge between the upper and lower strata (as in Gormenghast?)  The Babylon 5 workmen pov episode also mentioned.

     Filk:  Sib Machat's second GOH concert, where she performed songs that she didn't have time for yesterday, followed by a closing one-shots concert (at which I performed my "One More Time" song), about 8 or 9 songs total.
     At 4 pm:  a very brief closing ceremony, followed by a very funny and chaotic "quiz" with the remaining guests of honor and the very funny cabaret mc placed in teams of two.  Can't remember who won, but that wasn't really the point of it all anyway.  A good fun closing to the con.

    Much later:  Dead Dog Filking in the downstairs Froud Room.  A struggle to get enough seats into the room, but generally we managed.  Maybe 20 or so people there at one point or other, including Sib, Magician, Valerie, Nat, Rafe, Rika, Ju, Rick Hewitt, Deb Levy, Hitch, and others.  (Note for MASSFILCers:  I sung Robin Holly's "Colors of the Laser" in open filk on Saturday; one of the listeners requested a repeat of the song here.)
     Dead Dog broke up a little after midnight; most wanted to be able to get some sleep before packing, eating breakfast, and beating the 9am check-out deadline.

     In general, a good con, as was the Recombination/Harmuni 3 con two years ago, very well done at the general con level and the filk track level.  I was glad to see at least two other US filkers present this time (Lisa and Joshua), as I seemed to have been the only one there two years before -- not that I minded being the only one, but that others were missing it.   Hope we can have a Harmuni 5 soon, with more people from our side of the pond visiting!   


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Aug. 7th, 2009 10:23 am (UTC)
The next HarmUni depends on when the next Unicon is, and at the moment it's unlikely that there will be one next year as there was no bid at this one.
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